Mask4all@INDIA Association with Mangalman

mask4all@india project has been providing free masks to under privileged persons. For the distribution of masks to needy project coordinator Dr Praveen Tandon who is a physician in Lucknow associated himself with Mangalman abhiyan. Let’s know more about the project mask4all@India….

Fact- We can only get over the Corona crisis by minimising the person to person transmission till effective vaccine is developed. By our wearing a face mask a healthy human is not that much protected from COVID as much as when a Corana patient or a silent carrier of the disease is wearing a face mask.

We cannot remain in Lockdown for ever but we make every one wear a face mask to minimise the transmission of the disease and thus Lockdown the virus spread.

With this thing in mind this Project was started

Aim of the project- To provide free reusable washable multilayered cloth face mask to people in need and also to develop awareness regarding the benefits of the face mask.

Started on – 22/4/2020 By -Dr Praveen Tandon a physician in Lucknow

Supported by more than 75 people-
Public Servants
Business owners
Different Other Profesionals
Social Workers
Common people

We are not an organisation. We are a group of people highly motivated for the cause.


Collection of donated bed sheets and new cloth and getting them sanitised (making them infection free)

Then sending for stitching of masks to different tailors at their residences in city and villages

Getting the stitched masks collected and sterilised (making infection free) by high heat and steam (autoclaving)

Then getting them distributed by people who are distributing free food packets in community kitchens and police, In Govt Hospitals to patients who have come without a face mask. Also by direct distribution to people.

Project is self funded

We are giving employment to approximately 85 tailors today and making their families survive the period of crisis.
Total masks made till 10/5/2020 approximately 22000.*

People are understanding the importance of wearing a face mask to decrease transmission and coming forward to volunteer for the project, contribute old bed sheets, new cloth or sponsor stitching, help in distribution etc.

You too can help.

All of us need to take a step forward.

Call- 7905703362

Lets LOCKDOWN the virus


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